Why Tom Donohue For Representative

Policy & Principles Statement

It Is Time To Move Oregon Forward To Common Sense This November 2018!

There was a day when Oregon was represented by common sense political giants. Men and women like former Governors Tom McCall, Bob Straub and our coastal Representative Paul Hanneman championed fiscal and personal responsibility, environmental care of our beautiful state landscapes and God-fearing respect for our fellow citizens. Creating legislation that is at odds with the United States’ and Oregon’s Constitutions would have never ever entered their minds.

Sadly, that is not the case now, in our beloved state.

For over 30 years Oregon’s Executive branch, including Oregon’s state agencies, our Legislature and Judiciary have been dominated by the new Democrat Party ideology where individual freedoms succumb to the new “State Collective” socialist (or Communist if you will) rule of law.

Our land use policies of “One Size Fits All”, our lack of access to natural resources, over regulation and over taxation of our citizen’s and business communities has wreaked havoc on our coastal economies.

Democratic leadership and policies have SQUANDERED literally HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS at the expense of our hard working citizenry and businesses.

The human side of this Democrat Era is tragic. Tens of thousands of human babies have been killed at the pagan altar of convenience. At the same time the “Assisted Suicide” law has allowed our clinically depressed elder citizens to be pressured into taking their own lives with medical assistance. Now in the current (2018) legislative session, a bill has passed from the House to the Senate to take away an individual’s “Right To Life” when incapacitated and allow a “Medical Representative” to make the decision to end life without their consent. This is the utopian moray to get rid of those who are no longer productive to the “Collective” society. This is madness! Is there no value to human life in Oregon anymore?

Our public institutions of education and the streets of Portland allow only the “Free Speech” that agrees with their socialist philosophy.

The second, and other amendments to Oregon’s and the United States’ Constitutions are being eroded as I write this. What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” don’t they understand!

Friends, I’m just a man. I’m a sinner just like you. I make mistakes like everyone else. However, I learn from mine. I try to lead as moral a life as I can. I am not a genius but one doesn’t have to be an illiterate moron to see that SOCIALISM doesn’t work and that is a FACT proven over the last 100 years!

House District 10 incorporates the southern half of Tillamook County, most of Lincoln County & parts of Polk & Yamhill Counties. We are suffering from a fiscal and moral crisis that has to change or our future will be pretty bleak.

No one has stepped up to the plate to fight for common sense Conservative principles in HD 10 this election cycle so in all good conscience I MUST. I will fight for Oregon’s central coastal citizens and what is fiscally and morally right in Oregon’s House of Representatives.

As your State Representative I will introduce, nor vote for any bill that doesn’t follow 6 basic Conservative principles: Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets, Personal Responsibility and Choice, Local Control and is it Socially Moral.

As far as limited government is concerned, if the private sector can do a job then government shouldn’t.

The second principle is fiscal responsibility. We can’t continue to WASTE citizen’s money! We MUST live within our means. That also means paring down our state agencies and reducing taxes.

Our public marketplace should be allowed to flourish or fail without undue government regulation and manipulation.

If one makes a poor business or personal decision, government or the judiciary shouldn’t bail you out or consider “mitigating circumstances” in your PERSONAL poor choices.

State government should be cognoscente of the wishes and needs of local governments. There are 3 distinct geographic and cultural demographics in Oregon; Coastal, Portland Metro-Willamette Valley & Eastern-Southern. “One Size Fits All” dictums from Salem should not exist when local norms are not considered.

Oregon’s and the United States’ Constitutions recognize the freedom to worship God in any form an individual thinks is appropriate. As your State Representative, my moral compass is pointed toward the “Golden Rule” and the “Ten Commandments”. In certain parts of the state some citizens’ moral compasses are pointed in the wrong direction or just plain missing. We need to change that or our society will perish just like others who lost their morality in the historical past.

I humbly ask for your support as your State Representative in House District 10 Central Coast.

Thomas M. Donohue

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